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Network Rail North West and Central ’s Safety and Engineering conference

Libusa at Rail Safety Week

Jul 05, 2023

On 26th June – the first day of Rail Safety Week - our MD George Bearfield had the pleasure of giving the final presentation at Network Rail North West and Central ’s Safety and Engineering conference.

The presentation was on the importance of taking a risk-based approach to managing safety risk. George highlighted the UK’s enlightened and proven approach to risk-based safety management enshrined in the Health and Safety at Work Act. UK rail has, for the last 20 years, achieved improving and world class levels of rail safety performance through the use of an objective and mathematically rigorous approach to risk modelling and prioritisation of investment. He explained how this was exemplified by Network Rail’s level crossing strategy, where a risk model, fed with real local data, has been used strategically to drive a steady improvement in risk over the long term. He finished the presentation by highlighting that the expansion of this approach would be essential to ensure that available rail funding was effectively targeted in CP7 and beyond. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies provide the opportunity to further develop and expand targeted risk modelling and decision support, but in doing so the industry must be careful not to create new risks, related to software safety and cyber security.

George’s presentation followed a fireside Q and A between NW&Cs Director of Safety and Engineering, Kamini Edgley, and Network Rail CEO Andrew Haines in what was a wide ranging and informative conference.

Who is Libusa?

Libusa provides consultancy and training services for risk, safety and cyber security assurance of complex technological systems.

The risks that businesses face in the modern world are diverse, novel and ever changing. In order for businesses to prosper, and corporate risk to be managed effectively, these new risks – from system complexity, to cyber security and climate change - need to be rapidly understood and efficiently managed. New competence and understanding is constantly needed. Libusa’s mission is to look into the future, seek out the emerging knowledge that companies need, and to facilitate the rapid transfer of that knowledge and competence to the professionals that need it.

Senior Management: A senior manager or c-suite executive who recognises that risks are evolving quickly, and who wishes to rapidly gain the new knowledge needed to lead their organisation through the challenges ahead.

Innovator: An innovator or start-up who needs to understand how to manage Environmental, Social and Governance risks in a highly regulated environment, in order to deliver the transformational benefits of their new technology.

Young professional: An early career professional who wishes to rapidly understand the important issues around technological risk management and accelerate their impact and career.

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