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Dr Roger Short

Railway Software Safety as a Client: New bonus material

Sep 27, 2023

New bonus material has just been added to our course: 'Railway Software Safety as a Client.'

Dr Roger Short is a pioneer in the field of railway software safety assurance having begun his career with British Rail in the 1970s and led pioneering work on the safety assurance of the Advanced Passenger Train and the Solid State Interlocking (SSI) - the first computer based signalling system on the UK network.

The course tutor Dr George Bearfield recently undertook an extensive interview with Dr Short, and this has been added to the course material. It forms an excellent practical complement to the technical material covered in the course modules.

In the interview Dr Short discusses his groundbreaking work with British Rail Research, in the early age of computing, and how the software safety assurance principles that are still in use today, were developed, provided and codified.  He discusses many of the practical pitfalls in obtaining robust software assurance, and also gives his wisdom on the emerging areas of cyber security and Artificial Intelligence.  

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