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Railway Software Safety as a Client: Practitioners Masterclass (UK)

£825 + VAT  CPD 3 DAYS

This course is to equip you with the fundamentals of software safety assurance, focussing on....Read more

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Railway Software Safety as a Client: Practitioners Masterclass (Australia)

1600 AUS$  CPD 3 DAYS

This course is to equip you with the fundamentals of software safety assurance, focussing on...Read more

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Railway Software Safety as a Client: Executive Overview (UK)

£450 + VAT  CPD 1 DAY

This course is to equip you with the fundamental knowledge you need, as senior leader, over seeing the procurement of safety critical, software driven rail assets....Read more

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Bespoke Training

Topics could include:

  • Rail Cyber Assurance Strategy
  • Strategic Safety Management
  • Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG)

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Multi-User Licences

From start-ups to large corporations please contact us directly to discuss a package to suit your business

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Who can benefit from Libusa?

The risks that businesses face in the modern world are diverse, novel and ever changing. In order for businesses to prosper, and corporate risk to be managed effectively, these new risks – from system complexity, to cyber security and climate change - need to be rapidly understood and efficiently managed. New competence and understanding is constantly needed. Libusa’s mission is to look into the future, seek out the emerging knowledge that companies need, and to facilitate the rapid transfer of that knowledge and competence to the professionals that need it.

Senior Management

A senior manager or c-suite executive who recognises that risks are evolving quickly, and who wishes to rapidly gain the new knowledge needed to lead their organisation through the challenges ahead.


An innovator or start-up who needs to understand how to manage Environmental, Social and Governance risks in a highly regulated environment, in order to deliver the transformational benefits of their new technology.

Young professional

An early career professional who wishes to rapidly understand the important issues around technological risk management and accelerate their impact and career.

Why learn with Libusa?


Libusa has deep expertise in risk management in highly regulated industries like the railways, aviation and nuclear power.

As technology and regulation changes the tools, techniques and knowledge developed in these high-risk sectors are becoming valuable for a much wider range of businesses. Many more companies need to understand topics like cyber security protection, software assurance, and system safety engineering and environmental risk assessment.


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Risk, Safety and Cyber Security Assurance


Libusa provides consultancy services for risk, safety and cyber security assurance of complex technological systems. Our customers have included Network Rail, The UK National Rail Freight Safety Group, and National Air Traffic Services. If you have a need for consultancy support please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

[email protected]



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Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of our courses or bespoke training. 

Email: [email protected]   
Telephone: 0208 925 1243

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