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Improving Australia’s focus on Railway Software Safety

Nov 29, 2023

Today, Libusa and CWG Projects, are delighted to launch the Australian version of the online course “Railway Software Safety as a Client: Practitioners Masterclass”.

The course is designed to equip those who are purchasing, integrating and maintaining software driven rail assets - like signalling systems and rolling stock - with the knowledge and tools they need to be confident that their assets are safe.

In recent years software related safety accidents on the railway globally have shown that there’s a strong need for much broader awareness of how to deliver safe software.  International guidance and standards are evolving to reflect that these topics can no longer be a niche concern.

Libusa Operations Director, Martin Pickup, said:

“The digital railway is here, and it already touches on all rail assets and disciplines. Over time, more and more of the safety critical functions of the railway are being realised in code. As a client you need to understand your role in ensuring that this evolution happens safely. And you don’t need to be a software engineer to do so. This course will quickly and efficiently equip you – as a non-expert - with the right combination of technical, legal and practical knowhow to assure yourself that all accountable parties are following the right approaches through the whole life of your rail asset.”

For the Australian version of the course this practical focus has been maintained and enhanced through collaboration with the Australian consultancy CWG Projects. Gareth Topham, Director of CWG Projects stated that:

“Australia has embraced a systems safety approach to the railway, and therefore must continue to maintain and develop its knowledge of topics like software safety as technology evolves. The rapid adoption of automated operations in both passenger and freight railways here in Australia, is just one reason to understand and apply the practices outlined in this course, whichever part of the industry you’re working within.”

The course is available from, with discounts available for multi-user licenses. It represents the start of a long-term collaboration between Libusa and CWG projects, so please do look out for future courses in the area of technology and assurance too.

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